Wireless World Made Simple for Non-Engineering Staff

Wireless World Made Simple for Non-Engineering Staff

Covers concepts and keywords of a wireless communication system.

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Working Professional
5G and network vector

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Course Overview

Course Description

Covers concepts and keywords of a wireless communication system. Mobile handset and network aspects are introduced including the latest advancements in 5G technology.

Who this is course for?

Bachelors/Masters Students from Engineering/ Science background focusing on job placements in 5G

Working professionals from engineering and non-engineering departments (HR, Finance, Management, Operations)

Course Outcome

Upon completion participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of key concepts in wireless communication for an effective discussion across teams. Ability to read literature on advanced topics in physical and network layers.

Course Duration - 4 month

Instructor led Online for working professionals
​Classroom sessions for students

Placement and Collaboration Opportunities with Industry and Universities

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Wireless Communication System

Spectrum, technologies, applications, Wireless architecture

Cellular wireless system evolution (1G-5G)

Communication System Architecture

- Block diagram, hardware tear-down

3GPP Cellular and WIFI standards

User Equipment Overview

Design aspects of a mobile device
Hardware tear-down of a popular mobile device
Network Architecture

RAN concept (including NG-RAN), NFV, SDN, C-RAN
Air-interface overview
Key Features of 4G and 5G Technologies

Features and challenges on sub-7 and mmwave applications
MIMO, CA, Beamforming, Multiple Access, Numerology
Periodic Assessments

Individual module tests
Assignments/ mini-projects

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