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Kiran Marathe | Founder

Subject matter expert in 5G system design for IOT Products.
Masters degree in Wireless Hardware System Design (MSEE) from University of Kansas. Senior IEEE member.

Kiran has been passionate about guiding students and helping them upskill on advanced topics like 5G and hardware system design. He has 18+ years of experience in Intel, Qualcomm and L&T and managed teams for various customer projects like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo to name a few.

Narayana Swamy M K| CTO

30+ years of experience in hardware design, embedded systems and IoT Serial entrepreneur and holds 5 patents in Embedded Systems.

Narayanaswamy is an Embedded Systems Expert and a Guru in real terms. Students who attend classes pick-up so fast in few days which otherwise would have taken them months to understand the concept. He has a deep capability to identify students who require extra push to achieve success. Designed and conducted UG course for NIT, Nagaland and Masters course in Ganpat University, Gujarat on Embedded Systems and IoT.

Geethesh N S | COO

Geethesh, a serial entrepreneur comes with 30+ years of experience both in academics and electronics industry. He has vast multi-disciplinary knowledge in Electronic Hardware Manufacturing, Quality and Reliability, Embedded systems design fundamentals, Governance, finance, Strategy, Risk profiling, Human Resource, Supply chain management, legal and other areas of operations. He likes to work towards driving the changes and institutionalizing the process.

Graduated in E&C engineering from SJCE, Mysuru and started career at Raman Computers in sales and marketing for a small stint, followed by two years in BPL as final quality trouble shooter, 8 years in Srimath Polytechnic as HOD of E&C. Led numerous customer projects for 8+ years while at Cypress Semiconductor and built four different application engineering teams. With the fire for entrepreneurship, co-founded METI, an embedded product design comany in 2012 and had a successful exit in Jan 2023.

Vidya Patel | Director Business Development

Vidya has in-depth experience in administration, sales and marketing in various start-ups. A serial entrepreneur herself has run successful ventures in professional development and fashion design. 

She has 15+ years of experience working with various industries like automotive, cybersecurity, banking, insurance. She has worked extensively with government and industry bodies likes MSME, DST, Nasscom, TIE to name a few. 

She enjoys traveling, trekking, writing short stories, fashion photography, and singing Indian classical music.

Pradeep Nagaraj | Director Academics

Pradeep comes with 17+ years of industry experience working in Eurocor GmbH, Cardiac Science, Opto Circuits R&D, Mediaid Inc, Criticare Technologies, Criticare Systems Sdn Bhd Malaysia, Skanray and Cardia International.

He is a serial entrepreneur and industry expert across verticals - Medical Electronics, Medical devices manufacturing, production and process engineering, New Product Introduction, component engineering, Industrial Engineering. He holds a MTech in Information Technology.He is passionate in mentoring young engineers and training during his in-house and corporate classes. He has designed various embedded products for medical IoT systems. 

Vinay K R | Senior Program Manager

Vinay comes deep knowledge in leading electronics manufacturing followed by making a juggernaut trajectory in the areas of solving IoT problems at customer site, Embedded hardware design and development. His expertise lies in Project management & delivery, leading, planning & co-ordinating activities across various domains of engineering. He is also the co-founder of Marconics Technologies, an embedded system design start-up.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and communication from VTU, Karnataka.

With a vision to make this world a better place he is active in local community, rendering social service and cleaning lakes. He ensures to go on long hikes and spends time building electronic circuits as a hobby.

Abhijith C V| Senior Engineer

Jumping directly to Abhijith’s dream – I will defeat Magnus Carlsen in his sleep someday! Let us wish that it happens for real. 

Abhijith is an Electrical Engineering graduate from SJCE, Mysuru who wandered and eventually found his way into the world of embedded systems. He has great mathematical and logical problem solving skills and exploring the field of technical sales. He is also the co-founder of Marconics Technologies, an embedded system design start-up. In addition to chess, he is obsessed with cooking food and experimenting his recipes on others.