C/C++ Programming Professional

C/C++ Programming Professional

This course gives to enough stuff to think of developing any of these applications.

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Working Professional
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Course Overview

Course Description

C and C++ have a long history in programming world. It is well known that these languages are used to design popular operation systems, browsers, GUIs, data base systems, embedded systems and numerous such applications. This course gives to enough stuff to think of developing any of these applications.

Who this is course for?

Bachelors/ Masters Students from Computer Science, Electronics, Communication and Electrical Engineering focusing on job placements. Working professionals planning to upskill their C/C++ skills

Course Outcome

Upon completion you will gain sufficient knowledge on C and C++ programming to write your own industry standard code. You will get exposure to C/C++ programs for real world applications.

Course Duration - 16 to 80 hours

Instructor led Online for working professionals
​Classroom sessions for students

Placement and Collaboration Opportunities with Industry and Universities

Course Curriculum

Introduction to C Programming

C Standards, Working with IDE

Structure of a C program

Software Design Fundamentals

Requirements gathering, specifications, program flow

Functions, data handling, modular approach

Variables, arithmetic, logical, functions

Data types, constants, loops
Functions, arrays, pointers, bit fields
Data Structures and Algorithms

Introduction to data structures, linked lists, circular linked lists
Stack, Queue and Sorting Algorithms
C++ Programming

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Classes, objects, abstraction, polymorphism
Periodic Assessments

Individual module tests, assignments
300+ programming examples
25+ Mini-projects

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