5G protocol Engineering

5G Protocol Engineering Professional

This course will provide an in-depth knowledge of 5G covering the user and network aspects.

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Course Overview

Course Description

5G is a must-know technology for future engineers. Advanced technologies like AI/ML, Data Science, Robotics, Cybersecurity, IoT use 5G as a communication protocol due to its ability to provide high data rates, low-latency and massive connection capabilities. This course will provide an in-depth knowledge of 5G covering the user and network aspects.

Who this is course for?

Bachelors/ Masters Students from Computer Science, Electronics, Communication and Electrical Engineering focusing on job placements. Working professionals planning to refresh or upskill in 5G

Course Outcome

Upon completion you will gain technical ability to understand numerous terminologies in 5G networks. You will be confident to work on 5G projects and work in top companies across the world.

Course Duration - 16 to 80 hours

Instructor led Online for working professionals
​Classroom sessions for students

Placement and Collaboration Opportunities with Industry and Universities

Course Curriculum

5G Technology Overview

Evolution of cellular technologies (1G to 6G)

Features (virtualization, Network Slicing), NSA/ SA modes

Radio Access Network

RAN fundamentals, traditional and new architecture

RAN components and Interfaces

Digital and Radio Architecture

RRC, RLC, MAC and PHY (low/ high) layers
RF Transceivers, Antenna, MIMO, Beamforming
Core Network

4G vs Service based architecture
Network functions, session/mobility management, security
Call flows and Network Log Analysis

Wireshark usage and log analysis
Call flows – L3 to Antenna
Periodic Assessments

Individual module tests, assignments
25+ practical use-cases
10+ Mini-projects

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